About Gold Sandals



Standing by my bed                                                                        in gold sandals                                                                           Dawn that very                                                                    moment awakened me


Gold Sandals is about much more than this Sappho poem which has significance for me, in that I wrote a novella, titled The Nameless, based on an experience I have traveling in Mexico, that had to do with gold sandals.

So Gold Sandals is the name of my travel blog. When I was younger, I traveled alone to Japan, where I lived for more than half a year. I traveled alone to South Korea, and back to Japan. I traveled by train alone in India and ended up living there for more than a year. I traveled alone to Singapore, and by train up through Malaysia and back to Singapore again. I traveled alone to Hong Kong, where I lived for two years. I traveled alone to Taiwan where I stayed and had some extra parts in a movie. I traveled alone in Mexico, and around Europe.

I prefer Asia and Mexico.

Now that I’m older, my travel needs have changed, and I’d like to record what I learn on this blog, Gold Sandals.

I plan to make Gold Sandals a collection of information that you may find helpful or useful, along with sharing my personal experiences and photos.

Here is the cover of my forthcoming e-book:

NamelessCover draft

I asked my book cover designer to create an updated version of this vintage poster design:

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 3.37.14 PM

2 thoughts on “About Gold Sandals

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